Chapters in Edited Books

He published 6 chapters in edited books.

  1. Barman, B., & Baishya, K. (2021). Design and Development of a Library Website by Using Blogger Platform. In D. Das, B. Chaudhury, P. K. Deka & G. B. Devchoudhury (Eds.), Librarianship in Changing Environment: Festschrift Volume in Honour of Professor Narendra Lahkar (pp. 311-333). Assam College Librarians' Association.
  2. Barman, B. (2019). Library Portal. In S. K. Singh, T. Hazarika, & B. Barman (Eds.), 50 Years of LIS Education in North East India (pp. 239-259). Department of Library and Information Science, Gauhati University.
  3. Barman, B. (2018). Search Engine Optimization for Managing Library Website, Digital Library or Institutional Repositories. In S. K. Singh, & K. Sarma (Eds.), ICT for Library Management in Changing Environment (pp. 48-64). EBH Publishers (India).
  4. Barman, B. (2014). Why You Should be a Librarian. In M. N. Borah (Ed.), Let's Read Books (pp. 231-238). Assam Library Association.
  5. Barman, B. & Lahkar, N. (2008). Blog: A Major Study and Practicing Area for LIS Professionals. In N. Lahkar (Ed.), Changing Library Scenario in Digital Era: Prof. Alaka Burahogain Festschrift Volume (pp. 131-141). Assam College Librarians' Association.
  6. Barman, B. (2007). Developing a Subject Based Personal Electronic Library: A Step by Step Guide. In L. S. Ramaiah, M. S. Reddy, & H. Kumar (Eds.), E-Libraries: Problems and Prospects: Festschrift in Honour of Shri Ashok Babu Tummala (pp. 193-208). Allied Publishers Private Limited.

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